Euro BioHighTech 2021

EBHT 2021 is an event fully dedicated to Research Institutions and Innovative Companies that operate in the Smart Health & Well-Being sectors. It will take place on the 27th and 28th September 2021 at the newly established Urban Center of Trieste.

EBHT 2021 constitutes a unique opportunity for your businesses, in terms of presence and visibility and this year it will be even more highlighted due to the partnership with Trieste NEXT. Trieste NEXT, in fact, is a Scientific Research Festival which is held every year in Trieste at the end of September. Under the theme “TAKE CARE. Science for a sustainable wellbeing”, the 10th edition of the festival will offer conferences, hands-on activities, laboratories, exhibitions and performances to students and visitors.

Since 2016, EBHT 2021 offers a very rich conference side, which will include four main sessions: Research, Education, Finance and Policy for Business Innovation in Health Technology. This year, the exhibition will be held online, to have an even further worldwide reach – there will also be an exhibition conference, where innovative startups and PMIs will present their innovative products and/or services in the BioHighTech sector either through streaming or live sessions.

Virtual Visitors

Take the opportunity to meet the best European experts and companies and discuss about Smart Health. Discover all the latest trends and innovations, meet the right business partners and face together the challenges of Covid-19.

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Conference room

Discover the programme and assist to all the experts’ speeches about Research, Education, Finance and Policy for Health & Well-Being Technology Innovation.


Promote research and improve university education in order to support smart, inclusive and sustainable growth. Investing in innovation and technology leads to the development of new skills capable of creating new products, processes and services. In particular, promote the transfer of technology knowledge to innovative Startups and SMEs in order to accelerate their growth and density in regional territories.

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Connect in high scientific education researchers from Universities and Research Institutions with entrepreneurs and managers of companies of BioHighTech and Digital HighTech sectors, promoting economic growth of territories.

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Finance plays a vital role in innovation as it allows organizations to conduct research, adopt technologies needed for inventions, as well as develop and commercialize innovations. Access to external finance for innovation is a major challenge for businesses. Integrated financial services accelerate the development of innovative products and services and promote the social and economic growth of territories.

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It represents the link between research and technological development policy and industrial policy and aims to create a favorable environment for ideas to reach the market. The goal is to increase economic openness, improve knowledge flows and foster productive innovation. It aims to promote synergies between Policies of Research, Industry and Finance, creating and adapting development models of social, economic and industrial ecosystems in the regions of Europe, the Alps-Adriatic area and the Balkans.

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Presentation room

Enter this room to watch the presentation of the innovative products and services in the BioHighTech sector and assist to the speeches of clinical engineers from all around the world. 

Innovative Products and Services

Watch the presentation of most innovative products and services like ChemoMaker, an automated drug maker for chemotherapy, or Covid-19 Saliva Test.

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Clinical Engineers

Assist to the sessions of the clinical engineers from all Europe who will discuss a common goal towards an European Clinical Engineering Federation.

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Urban Center of Trieste

The Urban Center is a newly refurbished scientific-technological hub in the city center of Trieste whose main goal is to strengthen the synergies between science, technology and business. The Center is a reference point for recently established startups and spin-offs, a hub for initial support, sharing of ideas, access to a wide industrial network and a guide for managing procedures. Urban Center is managed by four key firms: Bio4Dreams, Biovalley Investments, Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico Andrea Galvani and R&B Gate and they boast a network of 28 partners, one of them the BioHighTech Net 4.0 Network.


Trieste, the capital city of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, has an elevated number of universities, research institutions and researchers and therefore it was appointed as the European Capital of Science 2020 and organized the European Science Forum (ESOF) 2020. The high density of researchers (37 x 1000 employees) has grown exponentially in the past 40 years, thanks to large investments coming directly from the Italian government to Trieste, this border city, that was once on the border of the Iron Curtain. The high concentration of researchers has allowed both the growth of a provincial density of innovative startups in Trieste, which is the highest in Italy and as well has helped transform Friuli Venezia Giulia into a strong innovator region.

This exhibition has multiple goals

01. Innovation

EBHT promotes R&D projects to accelerate the growth of the territorial ecosystems of innovative biohightech companies in the healthcare & well-being sectors, as well as favoring a model of economic and social development.

02. Connection

EBHT connects Universities, Research Centers, Innovative startups and SMEs, Healthcare structures, Hospitals, Social-Healthcare Entities, Nursing homes, Financial, Training and Communication Institutions operating in BioHighTech sector, in order to create new business opportunities.

03. Promotion

EBHT aims to promote and develop research and innovation projects between startups and SMEs in the sector of life and medical science, financed by the European Union, between Universities, Research Entities and Social-Healthcare Entities located in the Alpe Adria area, Eastern Europe and Balkan areas, in order to develop the economic growth with product and service innovation especially in the cross-border territories.

04. Evolution

EBHT is an event where research institutions and companies can meet, share and discover new ideas and concepts, also in the field of digital hightech innovation. An event, where local and national institutions and companies, as well as cross border institutions and companies from the Alpe Adria area and Easter Europe and the Balkan area, can develop and promote new technologies, applications and processes in order to improve the performance of the Health & Well-being services.

The innovative enterprises will present their products and services in the field of BioHighTech.
Companies participating in the event are specialized in:
  • Biomedical technologies, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics
  • Medical informatics and bioinformatics
  • Innovative therapy
  • Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
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    • Free for all registered virtual visitors

    Opening hours

    • 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.


    • Urban Center Trieste
      Corso Cavour 2/2
      34132 Trieste, Italy

    Organizing secretariat

    Euro BioHighTech Trieste, Italy
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